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Business English Courses

For High Achievers

Your success depends on your team's English skills!


Offer them the best English course for business to get:

  • ready for presentation skills

  • efficient and clear over emails

  • trade show etiquette

  • confident on telephone or in-person meetings

  • socialising and collaborating as a team 


C1 Advanced Academy now offers a complete Business English Course for your employees to gain the advanced English skills essential for business in 2022.


Courses are fully online and can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Creative Office

At C1 Advanced Academy we deliver

Language Excellence

Our mission is to bring your team to an advanced level of English skills for better fluency, accuracy and confidence

Teaching Excellence

With 15+ years experience in teaching English for business and CAE exams, we deliver the highest quality courses

Online Learning Excellence

We specialise in online learning method + design. Our course educator has the most efficient and modern learning strategies!

How the courses work

All courses are tailored to your company's specific needs

The classes will be delivered online in order to include both remote and on-site employees

All employees will be offered an initial assessment to ensure they are placed in the right group 

Get in touch to find out how we can help you today

For questions and enquiries contact or send a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Thank you! We will aim to respond within 2 business days

Course Curriculum

Available at B2 and C1/C2 Level

10 module course, 2 modules per skill

Choose from the following English communication skills

Email Writing

Communication with Coworkers



Report Writing


Leadership and management

  • Write accurate and concise emails

  • Avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings

  • Speak with the correct level of familiarity

  • Communicate with ease

  • Be confident in your English negotiating skills

  • Focus on phrasing and register

  • Be more confident to participate and lead meetings 

  • Express your ideas with clarity

  • Learn technical terms

  • Practise concise and accurate language of reports

  • Be accurate in your delivery

  • Use language to create dynamic interesting presentations

  • Accuracy in your English communication for leading and managing teams 

Communication with Clients


and Onboarding

  • Fluency and accuracy when dealing with clients

  • On phone, video, and in-person

  • Clarity of questioning and explanation

  • Accurate and fluent responses to questions


and Networking

  • Levels of politeness and register

  • Strategies for effective small talk

Your Course Instructor 


Julia Tregoing, CELTA, MA, PGDip

Founder of C1 Advanced Academy

Senior Business English curriculum designer and trainer

With over 15 years experience I have designed and taught many Advanced level and Business English courses across the world, including for companies in Spain, Germany and Hong Kong.


In 2017,  I qualified as a Cambridge examiner for the C1 Advanced exam and since then I have prepared and assessed hundreds of candidates.


Working in language schools and as senior ESL curriculum designer for a global tutoring platform means I have designed and delivered fully online courses for thousands of students and tutors.

I am qualified to postgraduate level in methodologies for teaching and learning with technology.

I am truly passionate about how technology can be used fully to our advantage for a better learning experience and am an expert in effective online course design. ​ I also currently partner with an NGO, Open Door Policy, in Singapore whose mission is to train refugees for remote working positions throughout Asia.  I have created and delivered a fully online Advanced Business English course that helps bridge the language barrier for many of the refugees, and prepare them for the training courses available and the international remote working positions.

What recommends me

✔️ PgDip, Digital Technologies for Language Teaching

✔️ MA, Creative Writing

✔️ BA (Hons), English Studies

✔️ Cambridge CELTA certified

✔️ TEFL certified 

✔️ 15 years teaching in language schools and companies across Spain, UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Italy

✔️ 7 years as a Director of Studies for summer school programmes at UK universities

✔️ A trained examiner for the Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam

✔️ Experience training teachers to use technology in language classrooms and online

✔️ Extensive experience as an ESL content writer and curriculum designer for a global online teaching platform

  • LinkedIn

Find me on LinkedIn


Pablo Santillan

Before starting classes with Julia, in conversations with other people I could understand what that person was saying, but it was difficult for me to answer due to my level of speaking.


Having studied with Julia now it’s fantastic because I now feel fully confident having conversations with providers or in work meetings.

She’s helped me with grammar accuracy, discourse fluency and how to incorporate a range of vocabulary, with which I have more options when answering certain questions. ​ Her ability to detect effective learning opportunities was amazing, and the process she defined for my learning was dynamic and highly beneficial for me. ​ Getting to an advanced level of English was a personal goal that I was been hoping to achieve for a long time before I started with Julia. Now, I can say that I reached the milestone. ​ ​

Profile-Mariano (1).jpeg

Mariano Mirabelli, 
Principal Software Engineer

Undoubtedly, the most significant result I achieved is an incredible improvement in my speaking and writing capabilities. The English language used to be a barrier in terms of my studies and my professional career.


Working with Julia I have overcome these limitations and achieved an advanced level of English. I even recently presented a Masters level research paper in English at an international symposium.


As a Software Engineer, managing the English language is as important as having good coding skills. Therefore, the improvements that I reached studying with Julia have helped me get better job offers and reach better positions in the companies in which I have been working.   Also, our lessons allowed me to take technical courses entirely presented in English, which helped me in my professional growth too.   The experience of working together has been incredible. Julia’s methodology has pushed me to use English to present complex ideas and feelings. In addition, she often gives examples of daily situations in which a particular topic could be useful, allowing her students to establish a connection between the theoretical topic and real life.

What my students say

Get in touch to find out how we can help you today

For questions and enquiries contact or send a message through the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Thank you! We will aim to respond within 2 business days

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