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My name is Julia.

I believe language is one of the most accessible and impactful tools we have to deliver change. For ourselves, for others, into the world. Without language we cannot connect. Without connection we cannot grow. Without growth the world stays still. 


That’s why I dedicated my life to making English proficiency accessible and easy to master for everyone.

My brand mission

My mission is to help you, the ambitious professional, change your life by pursuing the career you deserve or getting the education you want. Or even starting a new life in a different country.


And I believe unlocking your true potential starts with one the most recognised qualifications in the world:




And I can guarantee an 100% pass rate on the CAE C1 Cambridge Advanced exam

Why is that important to me?

We could say my story with languages started when I moved to Spain.


Because I always loved music, I developed a DJing career that took me across many different countries and cultures. So at the age of 21, I found myself living and working in a new country. I wanted to go out, socialise, make friends, and find new opportunities.  And I couldn’t.

That’s when I understood just how important language is. So I learnt Spanish, made friends and lived a few years in Barcelona.

By the time I came back to England I realised that language holds the key to connecting and growing as people, friends and professionals. 

That’s why I dedicated my life to learning and teaching English at the highest level of excellence. 

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Which is why today I can guarantee results such as a 100% pass rate!

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I have 15 years teaching in language schools and companies across Spain, UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Italy.

I have extensive experience as a curriculum designer for Preply.com 

I spent 7 years as a Director of Studies for Summer schools at UK universities. And I have also trained teachers to work with technology in language classrooms and online.

Most importantly, I am a trained examiner for the Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam so I know all the secret strategies and learning tactics you will need in order to pass the exam.

So what does all this mean for you?

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01. A qualified tutor with over 15 years of experience that has all the learning methodologies to help you learn English at an outstanding level

02. Someone who loves working with people from all walks of life, all cultures and professions

03. An experienced examiner that will know exactly how to assess your English skills and make the right recommendations for YOUR level of proficiency

04. A friend that understands what it’s like to cross the barrier of language in order to fit in a new place, a new country, or a new job

05. An honest and genuine approach to helping you learn the language, make friends and belong as well as pass the CAE C1 Advanced Exam.

It means you'll get...

A few more things about me…that only my friends know

  • My star sign is Libra and we’re not at all indecisive. We actually commit fully to a decision. Whether that’s to help you pass the CAE Exam, or go on a spontaneous 2-week trip round Poland! 

  • While I am a successful English language tutor by day, I have also been a DJ since my teenage years. Making music is another way to express myself and my passion for DJing and music led to discovering new countries and languages. It’s how I ended up in Spain.

  • I love cats and while I cannot have any at the moment, I do enjoy spending time with my mother’s 3 little furbabies.

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