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Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam Online Preparation Course

Get ready to pass the C1 Cambridge Advanced Exam with a certified tutor

Want to check if you're ready to prepare for the exam? I offer a free online assessment of your level! Click above to book now.



If you're here...

 you have probably been thinking about the C1 Cambridge Advanced certification, but you’ve always told yourself: “maybe one day, when I’m ready…”


It could be that the C1 Cambridge Advanced qualification is the key to a Master’s degree, a better career, a new life.


Studying for this prestigious certification will help you demonstrate your English skills to any employer, boost your CV and stand out in a competitive workplace.

✔️ Get certified on the first try

✔️ Feel fluent and confident in excellent English

✔️ Be ready for new opportunities at work that require a high level of English

If you think that now is the right time, I can help you:

Cambridge C1 Advanced English exam preparation course online

Online Cambridge English C1 Advanced preparation exam course


Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam Preparation Course



Next Course September 2022

Limited Places!

This is an 8-week preparation course for the globally recognised C1 Advanced exam.

This course combines self-study lessons with group live sessions guided by your expert tutor.

It covers all formats of the C1 Cambridge Advanced exam with structured practice, grammar activities and speaking practice



You will see results as quick as the first month

By the end of this course you’ll…

  • Be fully confident in exam strategies and effective study techniques 

  • Be ready to gain an internationally-recognised certification

  • Be able to express yourself in English to near native level

  • Stand out in your career profile

  • Be able to use English articulately in your day-to-day and professional life

To become familiar with the structure of the C1 Cambridge Advanced Exam, please check out the format on the official Cambridge University website

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Let's see what's inside...


✔ Understand how the exam is structured, what it includes and what is the marking criteria

✔ Learn effective reading strategies

✔ Get prepared for CAE Part 1 Speaking by learning how to use complex phrases and advanced vocabulary

✔ Set the foundations with an introduction to Use of English

✔ Learn the strategies for identifying parts of speech

✔ Get prepared for CAE Part 1 Listening by practising with short extracts


✔ Prepare for multiple choice tests for CAE Part 5 Reading

✔ Learn how to select, describe and compare pictures in CAE Part 2 Speaking

✔ Learn how to write engaging reviews for CAE Part 2 Writing

✔ Understand and identify the details you need to listen for in CAE Part 2 Listening

✔ Build up on your Use of English with multiple choice and essential grammar and vocabulary exercises


✔ Prepare for the cross-text multiple matching in CAE Part 6 Reading

✔ Learn how to have a conversation based on written prompts, how to take turns in speaking and decision-making for CAE Part 3 Speaking

✔ Learn what elements to look out for in conversation to efficiently prepare for CAE Part 3 Listening

✔ Learn effective writing methods for more formal language texts such as proposals and reports

✔ Develop your Use of English with sentence rephrase and practise more essential grammar and vocabulary


✔ Learn how to structure a text and practise paragraph matching for CAE Part 7 Reading

✔ Learn how to express complex opinions and engage in an active discussion for CAE Part 4 Speaking

✔ Understand what elements to identify and how to practise multiple matching for CAE Part 4 Listening

✔ Develop your Use of English with sentence rephrase and practise more essential grammar and vocabulary

✔ Practise your writing for the essay task and learn how to express ideas in a logical, easy to understand way


✔ Learn to identify details, opinions, attitudes and find specific information for CAE Part 8 Reading

✔ Get a comprehensive practice on speaking; identify areas that need more practice

✔ Get insider tips and powerful strategies for a faster progress on your Use of English

✔ Learn and practise effective writing methods for informal letters

✔ Practise essential grammar and vocabulary exercises


✔ Master advanced strategies for the C1 reading evaluation

✔ Master the advanced strategies for the C1 listening evaluation

✔ Gain all the advanced techniques and review for C1 Use of English evaluation

✔ Learn how to use advanced discourse markers and linkers for the essay writing part of the exam

✔ Learn how to stay in control during the exam by learning how to effectively manage your time during the assessment


✔ Practise your reading skills with a full mock exam and feedback tailored to you

✔ Understand what the examiners are looking for with a full speaking mock exam and feedback tailored to you

✔ Understand what to listen for with a full listening mock exam and feedback tailored to you

✔ Practise your English at exam-level with an Use of English mock exam and feedback tailored to you

✔ Practise your writing skills with a full writing mock exam and feedback tailored to you


✔ Identify and cover any gaps in your exam strategy with practical feedback and reviews

✔ Overcome nerves with a clear breakdown of what to expect on your exam day

✔ Get the final tips on how to ‘speak to impress’ the examiner

✔ Finally, we look beyond the exam and find ways to support you in maintaining your English skills

What's included in the course?

✔️ 8 modules over 8 weeks 

✔️ Live speaking lessons with a certified examiner (8x 60min online video sessions)

✔️ Guided self-study activities and online course book

✔️ Mock exams, including mock speaking with direct feedback

✔️ Strategies and tips that work; learn what examiners are really assessing you on

✔️ Weekly feedback on 8 exam-specific writing practices from a certified examiner

✔️ Structured and effective course design

✔️ A learning community where you can share your experience with other candidates

✔️ Weekly office hours for questions, tutorials, and reviews


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This course is different…

Because it’s designed and delivered in a way to make the most out of your learning style. 


You will be able to study around your commitments and you will practise with an experienced tutor and other English speakers.


Most importantly, you will learn exactly what Cambridge examiners are really listening and looking for, so that you take the sure route to pass the exam with just 2 months of study.

This course is for you if…

  • You are dedicated to learning effectively  

  • You’ve tried a few self-study courses & apps, but you were never quite sure if you were on the right track

  • You have a busy life, with a family, or working long hours, there’s not enough time for trial & error methods

  • You are keen for better job opportunities and want to officially demonstrate an excellent English level on your cv or profile.

  • You are ready for a prep course guaranteed to get you over the finish line and help you pass the C1 Cambridge Advanced Exam!

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And if you’re wondering why now...

You are at a crossroads in your life and the opportunities lie right ahead: a better job, travelling abroad, a Master’s degree from an international university or even the prospect of a new life in a different country.


You know how significant it is to demonstrate your English ability with a worldwide recognised certificate like the C1 Cambridge Advanced exam.


Because it is

Recognised worldwide by 100s of universities 🎓

Accepted for visa applications in English-speaking countries 🌏

Respected in thousands of job industries 👨‍💻

For life! Once you pass you will never have to retake it! 🏅


Since the start of my career, I have designed and taught many Advanced level and C1 Advanced exam preparation courses across the world, including Spain, Germany and Hong Kong. In 2017, I qualified as a Cambridge examiner for the C1 Advanced exam and since then I have prepared and assessed hundreds of candidates.


But that's not all.  I also speak Spanish and German (and I am learning Polish), so I know first hand what it’s like to learn and speak another language; what the obstacles are and what the right mindset is for effective learning.


I am also qualified to postgraduate level in methodologies for teaching and learning with technology and fully online. I am truly passionate about how technology can be used fully to our advantage for a better learning experience.

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My name is Julia,


And I know I can help YOU, because I have helped hundreds of other students not only prepare, but actually PASS the Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam.


My students have a 100% success rate for the C1 Advanced Exam.

With over 15 years experience teaching Cambridge exams and ESL courses, there is little I haven’t encountered. I have been able to get my clients from being unable to speak in their professions (despite a good level of English) to holding conferences, events, and investor meetings confidently with native speakers.

What recommends me

✔️ PgDip, Digital Technologies for Language Teaching

✔️ MA, Creative Writing

✔️ BA (Hons), English Studies

✔️ Cambridge CELTA certified

✔️ TEFL certified 

✔️ 15 years teaching in language schools and companies across Spain, UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Italy

✔️ 7 years as a Director of Studies for summer school programmes at UK universities

✔️ A trained examiner for the Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam

✔️ Experience training teachers to use technology in language classrooms and online

✔️ Extensive experience as an ESL content writer and curriculum designer for a global online teaching platform

Are you ready? Book your free 30 min advice and assessment session with me to find out!
Or email:  for more information
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