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Online preparation for Advanced English
and the
Cambridge C1 Advanced exam

These days it is not enough to have some English skills, it is fast becoming essential to have excellent English skills

If you already have a high level of English and want to stand out in your career with

  • Know that having certification in excellent English opens doors and creates opportunities 

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Digital Reading

Preparation for the Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam

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Pathway to Advanced English

Why take the C1 Advanced exam?

  • The certification is recognised worldwide

  • It is accepted in 100s of universities

  • It is respected in thousands of job industries

  • The majority of English speaking countries now accept it for visa applications

  • It is the level of English that native speakers use on a daily basis

  • Preparing for the exam helps you gain confidence, fluency, and excellent English skills

  • The exam lasts for life so you never need to retake it

Why take the C1 Advanced exam

"For me it is important to have a certificate that stands out from the rest, is accurate and leaves a lasting impression on schools and employers. This is exactly what the C1 Advanced does – it makes you stand out from the crowd."

Javier Ramos, Mexico

What's included in the course?

  • Live speaking lessons with a certified examiner (6 one hour online video sessions)

  • Guided self-study activities and coursebook

  • Strategy and tips that work; learn what examiners are REALLY assessing you on

  • Writing feedback from a certified examiner 

  • Flexible learning, fit your study around your life and timetable

  • Structured and effective course design

  • Mock exams

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Online preparation course 
Cambridge C1 Advanced exam


6 modules
  Can be done over 6 or 12 weeks
  Approx 5 hours study per module

Places available

20 per course
(max 6 in a class)


550 euros*

*exam fees not included in the course

**level test required for full enrolment


Fully online Blended learning

Course start dates

September 22nd 2021

October 20th 2021

Entry requirements

B2+/C1 level of English**

includes coursebook

No payment or commitment required today
We will contact you to organise your level test

We look forward to meeting you!

Online Meeting

What's in the exam?

  • Reading (3 texts in a range of contexts)

  • Use of English (grammar and vocabulary)

  • Listening (everyday conversations, interviews, talks)

  • Speaking (ability to express yourself clearly in a range of topics and contexts)

  • Writing (formal and informal, articles, reviews, essays)

What's in the exam

"A C1 Advanced certificate is essential for the professional world nowadays. Everybody is trying to get an English qualification and you have not got a second to lose. C1 Advanced is an excellent option to stand out from the crowd, and it will open up job possibilities in your country and abroad."

Eva Munoz-Quiros, Spain

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What's in the course?

Module 1

  • Understanding the exam

  • Effective reading strategies

  • Part 1 speaking - using complex phrases and advanced vocabulary

  • Intro to Use of English

  • Strategies for identifying parts of speech

  • Listening part 1 - short extracts

  • Foundations of a well-structured essay

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Module 3

  • Reading part 6 understanding opinion 

  • Part 3 speaking - understanding the task, effective turn-taking

  • Listening part 3

  • Writing - formal language for proposals and reports

  • Use of English sentence rephrase

  • Essential grammar and vocabulary

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Typing on the Computer

Module 2

  • Reading multiple choice (part 5)

  • Part 2 speaking - how to choose the photos, effective task response

  • Writing - reviews and informal letters

  • Listening for detail

  • Use of English multiple choice 

  • Essential grammar and vocabulary

On a Video Call

Module 4

  • Reading part 6 understanding opinion

  • Part 4 speaking expressing complex opinions, active discussion

  • Listening part 4

  • Use of English rephrase sentences

  • Writing - Essay task response and expressing ideas logically

  • Essential grammar and vocabulary

Module 5

  • Reading advanced strategies 

  • Speaking - mock practice and feedback

  • Listening advanced strategies and reviews

  • Use of English advanced strategies and review

  • Writing - formal letters

Smiling with a Headset
Headset and Keyboard

Module 6

  • Reading mock exam and feedback

  • Speaking - mock exam and feedback

  • Listening mock exam and feedback

  • Use of English mock exam and feedback

  • Writing - mock exam and feedback

What's in the course

"I would say to someone thinking about taking C1 Advanced: "Just do it!”. C1 Advanced can help you to achieve your goals in life. It can unlock the door to your future career and give you the opportunity to start something new that you have never found the courage to do."

Jana Onderkova, Czech Republic


Meet Julia
Founder of C1 Advanced Academy

I started the C1 Advanced Academy to meet the current demands of our digital world where learning online is not only the norm, but opens up opportunities to more professionals keen to study for the Cambridge C1 Advanced exam and fit it around their busy schedules.

I have 15 years of experience teaching Cambridge exams and designing ESL courses, both classroom based and online based. Since the start of my career, I have designed and taught many Advanced level and C1 Advanced exam preparation courses across the world, including Spain, Germany, and Hong Kong.

I certified as a Cambridge examiner for the exam in 2017 and have prepared and assessed hundreds of candidates.

Any candidate preparing for this exam requires a structured program that is pedagogically designed using online learning methodologies. These digital learning methodologies are my specialist area, having studied, worked with, and trained other teachers in them for many years. 

Feel free to check out my profile on LinkedIn! 


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If you have any questions about the course or how to enrol please contact:
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