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Welcome to C1 Advanced Academy

The most efficient path to get you the English qualifications you need

If you’re here you have probably been thinking about ...



✔ Starting a Masters degree, but you’ll first need a formal qualification for your English skills

➤ We got you covered: The Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) is one of the most recognised in the world

✔ Speaking confidently in meetings and socialising in the office, without feeling self-conscious about your English

➤ We know exactly what that feels like; that’s why we have one of the most comprehensive Business English courses!

✔ Being able to go out with your work friends and sound less academic and more native-like

➤ Feeling left out when all you want is to fit in, let’s say goodbye to that! Boost your confidence with a few tailored, private sessions

 It is possible…

We have the most efficient method to get you confident, proficient and qualified in English. In the shortest time possible too!

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Hi! I'm Julia

I am the founder of C1 Advanced Academy. 


I know I can help YOU, because I have helped hundreds of other students not only prepare, but actually PASS the Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam.


My students have a 100% success rate for the C1 Advanced Exam

My career includes 15 years of teaching languages across Spain, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, and Italy. I spent 7 years as a Director of Studies for summer schools at various UK universities.


But most importantly I understand you. Because at the age of 21, I found myself living and working in a new country. 

It made me understand just how important language is. Because without it we cannot connect with each other.

In 2017, I qualified as a Cambridge examiner for the C1 Advanced exam and since I have prepared and assessed hundreds of candidates.

All this experience means I can guarantee results. All my students achieve the qualifications and the confidence they need. 

Let's see how you can:

✔️ Pass the C1 Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE) in as little as 8 weeks

✔️Master business & professional English and make the best impression in the office

✔️ Get confident to have real conversations outside of work; make friends and navigate life easier

Online Class

Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam
Preparation Course
ONLY €450

  • This is an 8-week course for the globally recognised C1 Advanced exam. 

  • You get self-study lessons + live group sessions guided by your expert tutor.

  • It covers all formats of the Cambridge C1 Advanced exam and you also get structured practice, activities and guided support.

  • You will learn exactly what Cambridge examiners are really listening and looking for, so that you take the sure route to pass the exam in just 2 months.

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Business English Communication Skills

C1 Advanced Academy now offers a Business English Communication Skills course so that you can help all your employees feel more confident and prepared with their business language skills. 

  • All courses are personalised according to your company's specific needs

  • The classes will be delivered online in order to include both remote and on-site employees

  • All employees will be level assessed to ensure the right level fit 

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Business Meeting

Some of the results I helped others achieve…


Pablo Santillan

Before starting classes with Julia, in conversations with other people I could understand what that person was saying, but it was difficult for me to answer due to my level of speaking.


Having studied with Julia now it’s fantastic because I now feel fully confident having conversations with providers or in work meetings.

She’s helped me with grammar accuracy, discourse fluency and how to incorporate a range of vocabulary, with which I have more options when answering certain questions. ​ Her ability to detect effective learning opportunities was amazing, and the process she defined for my learning was dynamic and highly beneficial for me. ​ Getting to an advanced level of English was a personal goal that I was been hoping to achieve for a long time before I started with Julia. Now, I can say that I reached the milestone. ​ ​

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Mariano Mirabelli, 
Principal Software Engineer

Undoubtedly, the most significant result I achieved is an incredible improvement in my speaking and writing capabilities. The English language used to be a barrier in terms of my studies and my professional career.


Working with Julia I have overcome these limitations and achieved an advanced level of English. I even recently presented a Masters level research paper in English at an international symposium.


As a Software Engineer, managing the English language is as important as having good coding skills. Therefore, the improvements that I reached studying with Julia have helped me get better job offers and reach better positions in the companies in which I have been working.   Also, our lessons allowed me to take technical courses entirely presented in English, which helped me in my professional growth too.   The experience of working together has been incredible. Julia’s methodology has pushed me to use English to present complex ideas and feelings. In addition, she often gives examples of daily situations in which a particular topic could be useful, allowing her students to establish a connection between the theoretical topic and real life.

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