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Why take Cambridge C1 Advanced?

English has been a global language for a long time now, spoken natively in many countries throughout the world, but also used as a common language in the many multinational situations we find ourselves in these days – whether for studying, working or travelling.

C1 Advanced is a lifelong, prestigious and well-respected qualification that is recognised worldwide. Accepted by over 9,000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments, it can unlock many doors to your future.

Study where you want with C1 Advanced

Taking this qualification will prepare you to be able to follow an academic course at university level. From being able to understand lectures and take part in tutorials and seminars, to being able to write structured academic essays and give presentations with a high level of fluency, it gives you the skills to be confident and achieve the results you need.

Climb the career ladder with C1 Advanced

Being C1 Advanced qualified makes you stand out from the crowd and will improve your job prospects – not only in English-speaking countries, but in many countries across the globe, including your own. Working environments are so often multinational these days and job advertisements call for English given its global status. Having this certification will enhance your CV and show employers that you are equipped to handle the demands of everyday working life, even at managerial levels. English has many nuances and this exam prepares you to be able to not only understand them, but also use them – getting you closer to a native level of language.

Travel and Visa-approved

Many government departments accept C1 Advanced as proof that people entering their country have an in-depth and high enough level of English to participate in local life. It is also accepted for 100s of university course worldwide. As the exam never expires, having it already can speed up any visa or university application process you may go through in the future. So whether it is for travelling, studying, or residential purposes, gaining this qualification will help you get ahead.

Official Certification

Remember – there’s a difference between knowing a language and being certified in it. With C1 Advanced, you have the proof on paper that you can read, listen, write and speak at a high enough level to study, work or live in English. One thing is for sure – it’ll lead to many adventures in life for you!

So do you think it’s time to invest in your future and start preparing for your C1 Advanced? Get in touch to see how the C1 Advanced Academy can help you achieve your goal!

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